Proline for the 5th time with the golden Consumer Laurel


In the 2023 edition of the nationwide consumer survey Golden Consumer Laurel, the PROLINE brand again turned out to be the most valued choice for users of hand tools. This distinction is particularly pleasing - it indicates the continued satisfaction with the choice of our product and loyalty on the part of customers. The fifth consecutive title of the Consumer's Golden Laurel can be regarded as a kind of tradition that becomes a strong commitment - especially nowadays, in conditions far from general market stability.


The Consumer's Laurel is one of the first and at the same time the most important consumer certificates in the country. It is awarded as a result of a plebiscite of universal popularity of products and services carried out for 17 years on representative consumer groups. The order of places in each product category is determined only by the number of votes cast by consumers - these are clear criteria, translating into a fair verdict that is transparent and fully reflects the market reality.

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