Profix – it's worth working here


The main strength of PROFIX is a team of qualified specialists, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years. We want the company to grow not only in terms of capitalization and sales volumes, but also to develop equally quickly in terms of the knowledge and competence of the people working here.

Our HR policy from the very beginning of the company's existence is characterized by:
- Confidence in recorded operating conditions.
- Continuous improvement, understood as a process carried out by teams consisting of experienced employees and those who are just starting their professional careers and came to us with bold ideas.
- Teamwork in an atmosphere of respect for each co-worker as the basis for mutual trust.
- A difference of opinion treated as an opportunity to learn a different perspective on a given problem during development - it is not an obstacle, but a way to find an effective solution.


Friendly and stable work environment


In the 30 years of our activity in the Polish market, we have created recognisable product brands and over 250 jobs. Our employees' stories go to show that the company ensures stable employment and substantial opportunities for growth and self-realisation.

We build a team where we appreciate independence, responsibility, and commitment. We also want to provide our employees with the optimum conditions for professional growth so they can reach the best results as a team and the company as a whole. We are well aware that it was our employees who ardently pursued even the most outstanding ideas and who made us a leading distributor of hand tools, power tools, and OSH clothing in Poland. This is why we attach great value to the creation of a friendly and stable work environment and actively support initiatives aimed at developing the competencies of our employees.

Occupational safety and comfort are our priorities; we make effort to adhere to the best standards. Our modern and spacious office building on the S7 route mere 27 kilometres from the Warsaw city centre complies with all legal regulations and provides a friendly and comfortable workspace.

The distribution and logistics centre takes up its significant part. We see room for innovation in every area of activity, and this attitude furthers our growth. We have machines for cloth labelling, an R&D Department where we verify and improve the quality of our products, and a unique showroom with our products.

We want PROFIX to be more than just a job, we believe in the capabilities of our employees and every day with them we build brands that are at the forefront of industry leaders.



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