Profix operates in production and commerce. It supplies high quality hand tools, power tools, technical chemicals and protective clothing.

The company employs a staff of 250. Profix is one of the largest distributors of tools and power tools in Poland. It is responsible for the entire process of the purchase of goods from manufacturers. It manages and organises the commercial chain and produces under its own brand names. Profix provides logistic service and realises marketing operations. It supports clients with joint marketing operations.

Our Brands

Profix offers high quality PROLINE hand tools, TRYTON and VULCAN power tools for profesionals and hobbyists and LAHTI PRO protective wear.



Profix was established at the beginning of free market in Poland, at the turn of 1993 and 1994.

The Company was growing up common with fresh Polish market. In 90’s, the market was extremely absorbent but also unstable. With time, we decided to launch our own brands. We wanted to meet the Customers needs in good quality and attractive price hand tools.

In 1998 we have launched PROLINE hand tools. The brand have reached brilliant success. A year after, we have offered full range of PROLINE products. PROLINE success caused that we have implemented more brands (TRYTON, Vulcan and LahtiPRO).

In 2006 we bought invesment plot of 1500 square metres. We builded a modern Head Quater with office space of 2,5 thousends square metres and 24 h logistic warehouse of 10 thousands square metres.

We are able to deliver our products in 24 hours.

Quality and Logistics

Efficient Logistics allow us to be competitive on the market. We are able to deliver our products in 24 hours. Quality is our highest goal. Tested and trusted suppliers are working with ud for years.

Production os focused on quality, not on price. PROFIX has established Research & Development Section that is responsible for highest quality of our products.

We are testing our products during the production process and after. That allows our Customers to receive products of highest quality.

Special Research & Development Section is responsible for highest quality of our products.

Labour Force

The company employs a staff of 250. We know that success depends of comapny and its employees. It is essential for PROFIX to make friendly and stable working environment. Most eployees is connected with company for 5, 10 and even 15 years.  

50 Sales Offices in Poland.


Our Sales site is 50 Sales Offices in all country. We have 5,000 business clients (shops, technical showrooms) in Poland and abroad.


We are selling to many European countries. Our biggest purchasers are in Russia. Ukraine, Moldovia, Romania, Slovakia, Czech, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Sweden, Iceland, Holland and Bulgaria.

Prizes and Awards

PROFIX have been granted by many Prizes and Awards. Few times PROFIX was in bunch of Gazele Biznesu. PROFIX also received European Medal and title of Fair Play Company. Our company is on the Forbes Diamonds list.

Is it important for us to suport local events and projects. We want to highlight that in business are important not only business goals but also social interest.

More information about the company and our products You will find on this page.

Companies that are interested in cooperation are pleased to contact Sales Department.





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